Ghost Theme Installation

Installation instructions will differ depending on the type of Ghost setup you are using. Select the appropriate option from below (Self Install or Ghost IO). When using a third-party ghost service we recommend viewing their knowledge base on how to upload custom themes.

Self-Hosted Install

  1. Locate the theme directory within the download files, which can be found at 'theme/themename'.
  2. Login to FTP/SFTP of your blog, or the file browser of your provided hosting service.
  3. Navigate to the '/content/theme' directory within your ghost installation.
  4. Upload the 'themename' directory found in step one into the remote /content/theme directory.
  5. Restart your Ghost service. The process for this will change dependent on your provider. If you are unaware how to restart the service please raise a support issue with your host.
  6. Login to your Ghost admin panel. This can be found at 'yourdomain.com/ghost'.
  7. Navigate to the 'Settings > General' tab.
  8. In the 'Theme' drop down, select the newly installed Theme. Click Save to save the theme changes.

Ghost.io Install

  1. Login to your 'ghost.io' user panel and navigate to the 'My Blogs' page.
  2. Select the 'Settings' button on the blog you wish to upload the theme.
  3. On the 'Custom Theme' option, click the 'Choose File' button and navigate to the 'themename.zip' file in the downloaded theme directory.
  4. Upload the theme and 'Save Settings'. You may have to activate the theme in your ghost admin panel.

Theme Updates

In order to update the theme to a new version, we first recommend switching to a alternative theme, such as the default theme included with Ghost. You can then delete the current version of your theme, and upload/install the new version using you're preferred method. Please not all theme based configuration options will not be saved, and will need to be reconfigured before uploading.